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So You Think Hiring an Expert is Expensive?

Try hiring an amateur first! It takes twice as long to do it wrong folks. And that is the predicament that I see many small business owners finding themselves in over the past 10 years or so. This never used to bother me all that much, but as of late, these amateurs are competing directly with professional web design firms for pennies on the dollar.

You have to ask yourself a question. If you wouldn’t hire a roofer to do your heart surgery, why would you hire a clarinet player in 10th grade to build your business website?! Jimmy knows HTML and CSS and is self-taught? Great! What will little Jimmy do when your website has a critical security update that requires Server side knowledge? Does little Jimmy know how to manage a Red Hat Linux server? Does little Jimmy know how to install SOAP client using SSH commands? Does little Jimmy even know how to connect to a server using a root login?

Chances are little Jimmy doesn’t know how to do any of this stuff. All little Jimmy knows how to do is use a WYSIWYG editor. (What you see is what you get). Beyond that, if anything technical breaks, you’re probably going to be calling a professional like Red Beam Industries.

Things You Should Consider When Handing Over Your Website to Someone

I have been doing this for over a decade. I have worked at GoDaddy.com in server and hosting support and I have managed dozens of servers. I can tell you from experience that these servers take a lot of hands on practice and endless hours of reading just to get slightly proficient at running them.

While working at GoDaddy, I also fielded a plethora of calls where the customer had hired a “Jimmy” and he either took the money and ran, or he mucked up the site badly that the business owner was losing money left and right and was very upset. I took these calls every day for 2 years. It happens ALL THE TIME.

Don’t put your business’s livelihood in the hands of an amateur. Sure, it costs more to hire a professional like us, but you get what you pay for.